The world of transport and logistics is complex and can be subject to many unseen obstacles.

The real skill lies in delivering a reliable and consistent Air freight product by applying a combination of experience, expertise and creativity.

COSERV, together with its correspondents worldwide do it every day and everywhere.

Our global Air freight Network of hubs combined with our Road Feeder Service, offers you door to door delivery ANYWHERE in the world. This comprehensive service is backed by the expertise of our correspondents who apply their up to the minute insights on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays.

Accordingly, the main advantage of our Air freight product is that we are able to secure the capacity you need, where you need it and when you need it!

As an example of Simplification of our air freight product to Beirut, we are able to offer a SINGLE Airport to Airport Airfreight rate from France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

In the growing Far East / China Market to Beirut, COSERV in collaboration with its correspondents is eager to service your air freight transport needs in providing competitive air freight rates and superb service at your fingertips giving you the competitive edge over your competitors in delivering goods to the Beirut market at an affordable cost and record transit time.

As far as the USA/Beirut market, COSERV in collaboration with its correspondents has simplified its USA/Beirut air freight product and can offer its client:

One SINGLE Airfreight rate from the US Northeast, South and MidWest Regions to Beirut (Airport to Airport).
One SINGLE Airfreight rate from the US West Coast Regions to Beirut (Airport to Airport).

Once again, let us put our experience at your service!!